Our Story

Automating the Art of Surface Treatment

Surface treatment operation performed by skilled workers is not less than art. They spend hours perfecting the process and achieving the right quality. Traditionally, automating these tasks required spending hours to program robots and spending large capital in expensive hardware. As a result, surface treatment applications had one of the lowest adoption rate for automation.
At GrayMatter Robotics, we are changing this by challenging the status quo. Our advanced AI technologies capture the process knowledge and human preferences, and migrates it to the robot. This allows you to use the robot for complex surface treatment applications like an assistant to your shop-floor operator.


Improve the quality of life on earth.
OurĀ  team has deep experience in robotics, AI, and manufacturing. We help businesses to seamlessly adapt robotic automation without changing their process and workflow.



Make brains for robots to transform them into Smart assistants for helping humans in tedious and ergonomically challenging tasks.