Let Robots Empower
Your Workforce

Solve Your High-Mix Manufacturing Challenges with 

Autonomous Surface Treatment Solutions

We're Solving Hard Problems
for High-Mix Manufacturers

We’re solving the most difficult challenges manufacturers face when it comes to surface finishing with our advanced robotics and physics-informed AI technologies. 

Labor Shortages

Worker Injury Risks

Limited Capacity

Inconsistent Quality

Low Productivity

Long lead times

Frequent Equipment Downtime

High CapEx Costs

Free Your Workforce
and Let Robots Do It

With GrayMatter Robotics’ proprietary GMR-AI™ rapidly automate your high-mix, high-variability manufacturing surface finishing needs.














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Why Choose GrayMatter Robotics

GMR-AI™ enables autonomous cells that work on parts with any variation and unlimited SKUs

Ready to use cells are customized and
rapidly deployed for your manufacturing needs

State-of-the-art tools and media produces
consistent quality at high speeds

Easily operated by your shop floor

No engineering resources required for programming
or maintenance

24x7 service support to maximize system

Advanced AI captures your process
knowledge from experienced workers

Live analytics dashboard monitors systems,
usage and improves process flow

Empower Your people.

Risk-free. No upfront costs. Completely turnkey.


In 45 minutes, we’ll show you why our customers call us ‘game-changers’. Don’t wait – get ahead with revolutionary technology everyone can use at the push of a button.

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What Customers
Say About Us

"Our biggest concern was that our part-mix is very high, so it seemed like a very daunting task to automate such operations. Scan&Sand has the ability to work on a component or a group of components and has a simple one-button operation."
Jon Coners
Plant Manager
Bega North America
"What is needed is a comprehensive systems solution inclusive of the software, component drivers, and A.I. developed specifically to handle complex processes which is what GrayMatter Robotics offers."
Francis Hu
Performance Composites Inc.
"GKN Aerospace has come to the realization that ‘one-size-fits-all’ systems provided by many of the robot suppliers do not have the capability to precisely execute the more complicated processes that we need to automate, stay competitive, and protect our workforce, We're confident we've found the right solution with GrayMatter Robotics."
Principal Research Engineer
GKN Aerospace

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