BENEFITS of Scan & SandTM

No Programming and Engineering Cost

Scan&Sand™ system does not require any engineering staff to operate and program the robots. The system is designed to be operated and maintained by the shop floor operators.

Suitable for High-Mix Operation

Scan&Sand™ system is adaptive and capable of working on parts with varying lot sizes, and handles part to part variations. The system treats each part as new and it does not require expensive fixturing.

Rapid Deployment

Scan&Sand™ solutions are meant to be deployed in existing shop floor and use the same part fixtures without changing the manufacturing workflow. The system does not require operators to go through extensive training.

Risk-free Operation

Scan&Sand™ solution does not require any upfront CapEx costs with our pay-as-you-go subscription model. GrayMatter Robotics provides extensive support for your staff, retrains workers, and provides maintenance.


Scan&Sand™ solution increases the throughput and provides consistent quality. The automated system improves the productivity by adaptively scaling the operation.

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