Autonomous Surface Treatment Solutions for High-Mix Applications 

Manufacturing drives our economy, and without automating surface finishing and treatment, there is a significant risk the global economy may suffer due to the increasing labor shortage.

Industries We Serve

Aerospace & Defense

Marine and Boat Building


Specialty Vehicles

Interior and Architectural Components

Recreation & Consumer Products

General Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense

Marine and Boat Building

Specialty Vehicles

Interior and Architectural Components

Recreation/Consumer Products

General Manufacturing

Automated Surface Finishing Solutions
for High-Mix Manufacturing Applications


Produces consistent sanding performance for dimensional correction and surface prep applications resulting in defect-free surface finishes


Performs both wet and dry polishing to provide the desired scratch-free surface finish on a wide variety of materials


Surface blasting on large and complex parts with various media including dry ice, water, and abrasives for stripping. cleaning, altering and surface prep



Performs buffing operation with various chemical compounds to provide the required surface appearance on a wide variety of materials



Performs spraying with a wide variety of primers, and paints using a pressurized spray gun to build an appropriate thickness of uniformly distributed paint



Enables uniform gel and powder coating to improve surface characteristics for a wide variety of parts.



Performs edge trimming and profiling capability for complex hard-to-reach shapes using rotary trimming tools



Enables efficient and accurate dimensional inspection on large and complex parts for metrology, defect detection for online process monitoring purposes


We Do It

Every GrayMatter solution uses onboard sensors to scan any mix of parts and automatically generates a model using the proprietary GMR-AI™ software. This model programs the robot to autonomously execute the desired surface treatment operation. Sensors are used to monitor performance during operation and adapt the robot motion to ensure consistent quality.

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